Meet Caz

A Life Rooted in Movement

Caz is a movement educator, Yoga teacher and myofascial release practitioner.  Having experienced a long history of major abdominal surgery, as a teen she began working with Yoga to aid her own rehabilitation and then that of others.

Finding the confines of traditional yoga postures too limiting, Caz set about exploring fascial anatomy and diversity in movement to create Intelligent Movement, a modality that promotes freedom to the body whilst being sympathetic to the individual – particularly those with a history of surgery, injury and the resulting scar tissue.

Having personally struggled both with injury – and recovery – from major surgery ten years’ ago, I began developing Intelligent Movement to help others like me to work with their bodies and return to a pain free state.

My experience of surgery and the challenges I faced, rebuilding strength and flexibility in the ensuing months and years, have shaped my teaching.

Students and 1-2-1 clients come to me for support in recovering from a wide range of injuries and common ailments. I firmly believe that movement classes need to be accessible to all and sympathetic to you as an individual, so that as a practitioner, I can successfully address your needs.

My teaching journey has seen me dive into the world of fascial anatomy in movement and soft-fix dissection to build a broad working knowledge of the human body in structure and movement.   This learning journey has enabled me to create a modality which aims free up scar tissue from operations or injury, restore range of movement to stiff or stuck joints, relieve back pain and assist with the wide range of ailments I see in the people I have the pleasure to work with every day. Coupled with Yoga, the end result is a system which combines ancient wisdom with modern movement, manual fascial release and cutting edge anatomical knowledge.

Our Classes


Live Pain Free.

Gentle, yet demanding movement combined with hands on integral adjustment and fasical release; these sessions are focussed on developing core strength and re-establishing efficient use of your body.


Experienced Tuition

Caz has been practicing Yoga since her teens and teaching since 2008. She is continually receiving tuition with experienced teachers. Enjoy these sessions yourself, or bring along a partner or family member to share the cost.

Small Group & 1-2-1 sessions in Longwick, Bledlow, Princes Risborough, Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire & Thame, Lewknor, Watlington, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire.

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