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Vitamin D - Supporting Yourself through Winter

Sudden suicidal thoughts?

Feeling like you can’t go on?

Struggling to drag your face off the pillow in the morning?

Sleeping for hours and still not refreshed?

Brain fog and a complete inability to remember anything?

It might not be what you think…four years ago, this is exactly what I felt like and, from what I’d read online, apparently I was depressed.  But that just didn’t feel right. So off to the Dr’s I go.

It’s worth mentioning I also couldn’t get to the top of the stairs without needing a crash team. Heart thumping and feeling sick.

Now, I’m not a big fan of the GP.  BUT they have their place. “What’s your prevailing mood?” he asks (this is the sign of a good GP), “my mood is buoyant when I wake and I have no reason to be depressed” I say.

Off to the blood department then.  They checked iron, B vitamins and Vitamin D.  The first two come back fine.  The final one didn’t.  According to the NHS advisory, 25nmol/L is low.  Mine was 15nmol/L and I felt like I was dying…that explains a lot.

So, what do you do when you’re returned a result that’s bottom of the bottom in bottom land?  Well, the Dr advised 1000mg Vit D tablets.  But I already knew that wasn’t going to work as I’d been taking those for years!  I started researching..



“Feeling chronically fatigued might not be what you think…most importantly REACH OUT and get the support you need.”

This is what works for me:

1. I run my bloods twice yearly. March and September.  The GP used to do this for me, but now I’m not ‘at risk’ or have a problem, they won’t so I get them done through an independent online company.

2. I got a Lightbox. 10,000 lumen and about £40 on Amazon.  I stare at this for 20 mins every morning from Sept to March whilst eating my breakfast.

3. Thinking of breakfast – Vit D rich foods are: Chia and AAALLL the leafy greens. I get them organic and as close to being out of the ground as possible.

4. I got a good quality supplement. There is evidence to suggest that tablets pass straight through the body.  

So my Vitamin D is 2,000iu suspended in olive oil with VitK2 for absorption and I put drops under my tongue.  

6-8,000iu a day Sept to March and I drop down to about 2-4,000iu a day in the summer.

4. I went on a sunbed. But not any sunbed, this one has pink tubes and is for collagen boosting, NOT tanning (blue tubes).  Vitamin D is required for the production of collagen and I used the tanning method conservatively until I felt I didn’t need it anymore and could manage with the other points above.

So why does Vitamin D, or the lack of it, make us feel so rotten?

Well, Vitamin D is the primary component for our cell regeneration processes.  Without it, we can’t rebuild the cells that are dying off in our bodies constantly.

This leaves us susceptible to chronic illnesses and inflammatory diseases because our immune system isn’t functioning properly.

So there you are.  If you’re feeling any of the symptoms above, don’t just put it down to stress from 2020 and the virus.  Get your bloods checked.

And most importantly…REACH OUT and get the support you need if you’re feeling rotten.  You don’t have to suffer in silence and it might be easier to fix than you think!

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