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The Health Benefits of a Furry Companion..

With scientific studies to prove it!

If you’ve been practicing movement at home and you happen to share your living space with a furry friend, you may have noticed that you become a point of interest as soon as you lay down on your mat.

If we’re attending an online session, it may be our reaction to shoo said animal from the room, but scientific studies show that integrating with an animal such as a cat or dog has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing.

Far form being just a placater to our emotional state, a study conducted in 1982 showed that dog owners were 8.6 times more likely to be alive one year year post heart attack than non-dog owners and a subsequent study ten years later showed that pet owners were at significantly lower risk of developing coronary heart disease.  Stroking a pet lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, alleviating the stressors that contribute to making your heart and vascular system work harder.

“a study showed that pet owners were at significantly lower risk of developing coronary heart disease AND stroking a pet actively lowers your heart rate and blood pressure”

Having an animal companion has also been shown to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression and other emotional stressors, particularly in the elderly, people who live alone and children under pressure with schoolwork. I’ve blogged separately about the profound effect Lexi (pictured) had on my life and my mental health and as such, you’ll see her ‘assisting’ me in Intelligent Movement sessions and videos regularly. Sessions run throughout the week and animal companions are always welcome. Maybe bring yours along and see if you feel different for having a furry workout buddy supporting you!