More Than an exercise Class

Movement designed to restore your
natural, pain free state

Intelligent Movement helps you identify and change habitual patterns and areas of tension held in your body 

Caz guides you through movements that offer the opportunity to relax and re-pattern, restoring the body’s natural alignment and range whilst alleviating pain

Sessions are focused on educating you about how your body works enabling you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing

Work with caz

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Weekly Classes on Zoom

Gentle, yet demanding movement designed to educate you about you; these sessions are focused on developing strength and integrity whilst re-establishing efficient use of your body.


Rehabilitation via Zoom

Post injury or surgery, Intelligent Movement is designed to work gently but effectively with scar tissue, restoring range of movement, changing unhelpful movement patterns and reducing pain


Workshops on Zoom

Two hour extended sessions held live on Zoom on the first Tuesday of the month, these workshops offer the opportunity to deep dive into the finer points of Intelligent Movement and functional anatomy

Intelligent Movement Therapy, Education & Training

Improving health & wellbeing through empowerment & responsibility

Clients share their experience

“I've learned so much about how to improve my posture. I feel taller and my back pain is much better, thanks!”
Monday Class
”I started IM to help with back pain. I got so much more. I am now completely pain free and rarely go to the Chiropractor anymore.”
1-2-1 Client
”I look forward to your class every week, Caz. My aches and pains are far less than they were and my visits to the Osteopath are less frequent too, thank you.”
Monday Class

Education, Therapy & Training

Improving health & wellbeing through empowerment & responsibility

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