Classes are focused on learning how your body can move efficiently whilst developing strength and integrity which is perfect for the relief of general aches and pains, low back pain, tight shoulders/ hips and problems caused by repetitive movements such as desk sitting, driving or sport 

No previous experience is necessary, just an enquiring nature towards your body, an open mind and a willingness to learn new skills that help you feel better

Intelligent Movement is designed to be accessible to all regardless of age, ability or medical history and so lessons have been separated into floor based classes and sessions with a chair support – see below for more details

Please use the booking system below to attend one of my sessions

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Floor Based Movement

via Zoom

Monday 2-3 pm

Wednesday 9:30 - 10:30 am

Wednesday 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Friday 10:30am - 11.30am

Chair Based Movement

via Zoom

Monday 11am - 12pm

Thursday 10am - 11am

As we are practicing at home, try to find a room that is fairly spacious and where you won’t be disturbed.  It is best not to eat for approximately 1.5 hours before attending class. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and have a blanket or fleece to hand

1-2-1 Sessions

Caz offers 1-2-1 sessions for those who cannot attend regular live classes or would like a personalised focus, often with a view to building up the confidence and ability to join a group session

Via Zoom

with access to recorded session

At the Studio

Currently Unavailable

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Improving health & wellbeing through empowerment & responsibility 

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