Specialised Rehabilitation

Intelligent Movement Therapy was initially created to assist in the treatment of a range of common ailments including chronic back pain, joint problems, RSI’s , postural alignment issues, fallen arches, bunions & sciatica, to name but a few

Therapy to Restore You to a Pain Free State

General Therapy sessions are focused on identifying the root cause of the issue and working to remove unhelpful movement patterns or habits allowing your ‘Intelligent Body’ to heal itself and prevent reoccurrence of the problem 

As your body starts to move more freely and efficiently, pain is alleviated along with the stress and wear caused by long term misalignment whilst trips to the Chiropractor or Osteopath are less frequent as the manual therapy is longer lasting and more beneficial

Movement Therapy for Surgery & Injury Rehabilitation

Can we approach surgery and injury in a different way?  Caz believes we can and Intelligent Movement Therapy is specifically designed to be scar tissue sympathetic.  In depth knowledge of scar tissue and how it moves informs this ground breaking approach which works with surgery, injury and scarring whether it’s recent or historic.  

Intelligent Movement Therapy works to gently and effectively restore range of movement to joints and soft tissue, whilst educating you on how best to to move in a way that supports whatever intervention you’ve had so you can live your life moving freely and without pain 


A Two Step Approach Allows You to Work at Your Own Pace..

1-2-1 via Zoom

Consultations with Caz consist of alignment analysis, movement pattern education and practical movements to promote integration and strength whilst reducing pain and movement limitations as quickly as possible

Initial Consultation £65
Follow-up Sessions £55

Video Learning

The extensive bank of Intelligent Movement videos allows you to continue your journey to movement freedom in your own time with content specifically designed to suit your particular needs.

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Education, Therapy & Training

Improving health & wellbeing through empowerment & responsibility 

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